A scalable approach to physical security
Our system scales from a single door to large real estate portfolios, while supporting unlimited users and complex access rights āˆ’ with an easy and user friendly approach.
Cost efficiency
The one-device approach
Due to our one-device approach, our system provides excellent cost efficiency when comparing with legacy systems that require multiple devices even in small configurations. Our software is 100% cloud-based, enabling an install-free experience.
Security and privacy as standard
We utilize the latest battle-proven technology to provide an absolute security and privacy. All critical and privileged data is encrypted at all times and our system adheres to all privacy laws and regulations.
Blackfinity unit mounted on a wall
Easy to deploy
Allow users to select from a wide variety of authentication methods. Our access control unit integrates seamlessly with our cloud systems, for easy management and monitoring.
Blackfinity unit mounted on a wall
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